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    Pierrefonds , le château/ the castle

    Monique Vanhalst

    par Monique Vanhalst

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    In 1393, Louis of Orleans had a fortified residence built near Compiègne. Pierredonds was designed to keep an eye on trade between Flanders and Burgundy, which were the fiefdoms of the Dukes of Burgundy, who were rivals of the Orleans .
    In 1616, Louis XIII laid a fatl siege to Pierrefonds Castle, taking it then dismantling it .
    The great ruin was forgotten until it was bought by Napoleon I in 1810.
    In 1857, Napoleon III entrusted the restauration work to the architect Viollet-le-Duc.
    From August 31st to September 18 th 2009, the BBC team came back to Picardy to shoot the remainder of Merlin's second season. The castle was chosen for its classic look.