The Cure for Sleep Paralysis


by frodeo


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I've had sleep paralysis since the age of 15. It makes sense that people would imagine someone sitting on their chest or pressing against their chest because there is a tightening sensation. I may have had SP earlier than 15 because I remember growing up waking up from feeling like I was being squeezed. Later this was accompanied by other SP symptoms. I figured out what I had at the age of 35 and by the age of 37 I started figuring out that my diet had most everything to do with it. When I changed that the SP went away. Sometimes I will have a week where my diet is not good and I will have an episode. But I can completely get rid of it just by having a healthy diet. If you want to know more just ask. I did a lot of experimenting to figure it out and I am absolutely positive that it is mostly diet related. I also have a facebook page called half sleep if anyone would like to join me and leave their thoughts. I understand what SP is like and wish the best for all of you :)
By Cynthia Jesseen 4 years ago