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    Assisted Dying Yes or No: Debating Matters UK final


    by WORLDwrite



    I think its about 50/50. I know as a postman from delivering to an residential home for old people that there are families that could wish their eldery mother/father dead because of the cost of caring for them. That's one of a string of possible examples that means we SHOULDN'T legalise it, it would be abused and arguably we are becoming a "less caring" society.

    The problems outweigh the benefits sadly.
    By QuestionTime6 years ago
    I believe that assisted dying should be legalised, because every person should have a right to decide what to do with their lives.

    There wouldn't many people, who disagree, if they see somebody who they love in a biggest pain and disstress. Another thing I believe, there should be some procedure from the government towards reassuring, that it's the person's will, not his or her relatives', and that by no means this person should be pushed to commite such a suicide in order make a life easier for the family
    By TatjanaA6 years ago
    The matter is a difficult one, no doubt. There is a thin line to walk, and a lot of care needed not to cross it. I think it is everyone's own decision what to do with one's life - how one lives it, and when it should end. Does this change values? Well, to be honest, I doubt people in those situations care about the values of humanity as a whole - they care about what is left of -their- life. However, regulation allowing assisted dying leaves room for exploitation and misuse. Still, just because it is difficult to find the correct way to form the law, it should not be given up on. More discussions are needed to define how to minimize the risks but in the end, it should become legal.
    By StefanieZett6 years ago