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    NES Super Mario Bros FDS "-3 ending" in 02:44.61 by HappyLee


    by TASVideos

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    This game is Super Mario Bros, the original, but on Famicom Disk System.
    It is much similar to the ROM version of the game, except for one minor difference that is demonstrated here.

    The −1 stage is completely different. In the NES and Unisystem versions, the −1 stage repeats infinitely and cannot be completed, but in FDS, it can be completed, and then come −2 and −3.

    The −3 stage in FDS is a castle level, and completing it ends the game, even though it says "princess is in another castle". The princess is not seen in the ending, but she is sighted twice in the −1 stage, as shown in this movie.

    This movie is 84 frames faster than the [1258M|previous one] due to the use of a "cheap trick".