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    Queen Tribute 1974 - 1989 (HD Quality)


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    by itsfree

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    This video is my tribute to the band Queen.

    The four band members include Freddie Mercury (Front man), Brian May (Electric), John Deacon (Bass), and Roger Taylor (Drummer).

    The songs included in this tribute are:

    1974 - Killer Queen
    1976 - Somebody to Love
    1980 - Save Me
    1980 - Flash
    1981 - Under Pressure
    1982 - Las Palabras De Amor
    1984 - Hammer to Fall
    1985 - One Vision
    1986 - Princes of the Universe
    1989 - Breakthru
    1986 - Who Wants to Live Forever

    The last two songs are switched because it was better to end the video with the Who Wants to Live Forever song.

    I hope you enjoyed the video and will check out my website.

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