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    Chill out about designer babies


    by WORLDwrite


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    I don’t see why this is such a big issue. It’s the decision of the parents if they want IVF – it’s a great help for people who cannot have children naturally. What’s so bad about using science to fulfil our wishes? We’ve always done that. That’s what science is for. Medicine fulfils the wish of preserving life, ivf the wish to create life, and PID is practically a combination of the two. Who says the PID children born are only seen as means anyway – parents love them all the same. And they are thankful. Besides, parents have always been deciding about medical procedures to do or not to do on their children, so why should it be different in this case? Taking tissue doesn’t have long lasting negative effects on the kid after all, and saves the sibling. So, why can’t we just see PID as the positive thing it is? The life saving, life creating science.
    By StefanieZett6 years ago