Amp Vs Binary Episode 22

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Part 22 of the longplay.

So....I appear to have screwed myself over again in terms of taking a hit when I wasn't supposed to. Binary, it's now up to you to decide: should I just continue onward and cheat as necessary (like my first YouTube playthrough), or move on to something else? I do have an idea that I would have to test before doing, but it would be an interesting project to attempt if it works (HINT: it's not a hack, and I don't think anyone has ever LPed this game).

Anyway, check out my official YouTube channel for more LPs and playthroughs:

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To be honest, I admit that perhaps early world 3 was probably your breaking point on your journey to do it naturally. The 2 main differences between the latter part of this and your youtube playthrough are added commentary and video hosting site. Other than that, not much else is different. I honestly found it difficult to watch at that part not so much because of the cheating, but instead absence of difference at 3-2 and beyond and the eventual contradiction of your own challenge bit by bit. Don't despair though, most of the time up until 3-2, you tried what few would even have the gusto to attempt even with savestates throughout that part. Only you tried 15 minutes without them. If other fans of this "amp vs binary" series want to keep this playthrough alive, then keep it up, but I honestly have lost considerable interest since 3-2 and that's my opinion.
By cuberootinbinary 5 years ago