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Jerry Stith
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Jerry Stith is the most prolific artists and publisher of Ballpoint Pen Art on the WWW for nine years now. He’s currently publishes 800 artists, 5,440 artworks plus 153 ballpoint pen art video’s for your pleasure. His superb oil based colors, eloquent half tones or details and power long flowing lines are his historical trademark. Archiving, documenting or creating ballpoint pen art history is a simple labor of love or gift to others as a born again Christian to him. He’s been doing art for fifty-four years and ballpoint pen art for forty-one.

Mr. Stith is the founder of an American folk art program called, Ball Point Pen Art which he started establishing in 1968. Introducing what a ballpoint pen can do as an art medium, instrument or movement is bases to that brilliant innovation. Going International took place in the year of 2000 when he started publishing on the World Wide Web. He’s displayed a phenomenal dedication towards advancing the Ball Point Pen Art movement!