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I just received my new PRS SE Baritone 2 days ago so i wanted to make a video about it. Trying out something to record with my Toneport GX i ended recording myself while playing all my electric guitar ^^

Sounds: registered using Toneport GX and Riffworks Standard.
Video: registered with Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7, converted with AVSVideoConverter, cutted edited and synchronized with Pinnacle Studio 12.
Clothes: pyjamas as usual
Yogurt eaten while editing: Raspberry
Tab: no tab available all is improvised
Tuning: all standard E except PRS Baritone B tuning

I've done my best synching video with mp3 of the audio, hope it's good enough ;-)

Guitars used in order of appearence:
- PRS SE Mike Mushok Baritone
- Fender Stratocaster Standard USA
- Ibanez Series Artist 120
- Epiphone Gothic
- Gibson Les Paul Standard

Let me know what u think about this and if u like or dislike so i can try do better next time.

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