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    Cut backs: The view from the streets


    by WORLDwrite


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    It’s interesting to see that no matter the age, the average citizen has a strong opinion on the matter of cutting back. Teenagers, adults, elderly people – they all say no. And they get passionate about it. They care, they are involved, because all this recession business is about THEM. They make up the majority of the population, so their voices matter the most, don’t they? Well, politicians, there you have it. Listen to the people who voted you and don’t forget where you come from. Don’t forget who you are. Don’t forget the purpose of your job. You are no better a citizen than anyone else. Everyone deserves the same. So go and rule the country FOR the people. Find solutions that make their lives better – and don’t exclude yourself from your demands. It’s similar with the companies, really. Hey, CEOs, your employees are doing their best. Don’t make them share the pain when you weren’t sharing the joy in
    By StefanieZett6 years ago