Chris Taylor

by Chris Taylor

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'A Cruel Game' is a hard hitting short drama / thriller. Writer / Producer: Chris Taylor, Director / Producer: Andrew Wardle Lead Actors: Craig McArdle, Sarah Fitzpatrick, Russell Booth.

BRIEF SYNOPSIS: When happy family man JAMES SUMMERS arrives home one night with his wife and daughter, his whole world is forever to be turned upside down as he is brutally beaten and taken hostage by an intruder who lay waiting in his house. Now, he and his family are inexplicably looking down the barrel of a loaded shotgun.

As temperatures fray and panic heightens, the truth of the drifter’s presence becomes apparent as James' mysterious past is unearthed. The drifter is looking for justice where the prison system had failed his own innocent young daughter over 15 years ago, and now James must pay for the sickening act of inhumanity he committed in his previous life.