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    Marcelle Herro-[Miss Lebanon 1973]


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    One of the most cute and charming personalities was the Late Marcelle Herro [May God bless her soul ]. Marcelle Herro was a Lebanese Beauty who won the title of Miss Lebanon 1973 at the age of 21.Marcelle Herro made it to the top 10 finalist in Miss Universe in 1973.In addition,she was a prominent star in Abdel Halim Karakala Lebanese dance band. She participated during the early 70s in [tawaheen el layl] operetta with Wadih el Safi and Donia .Marcelle was also famous as the one with the most beautiful eyes in the world . Marcelle was one of the many innocent victums of the notorious Lebanese civil war that erupted in 1975 and ended in 1990. However,the exact cause of her death is still undisclosed.Unfortunately,few photos of her are available online , most are of low resolution and hardly viewable.