PA Quarantine Vaccine/Germany Special Swine Flu Jab

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by BroMark

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PA House Bill No. 492 pdf
HB492, under the guise of Emergency Preparedness gives our government the right to mandate examinations, vaccinations, quarantine, and if you dont comply, they can seize your property, your assets, and force you into isolation.

German Chancellor and Ministers are to receive special vaccine
(shoddy partial translation from Der Spiegel October 17, 2009)
Berlin - until few days ago had hardly anyone outside of specialized circles the word Adjuvans heard. But now a public discussion inflamed over the composition of the vaccine for the shortly starting pig flu inoculation. Some days ago the German Federal Armed Forces had announced that it ordered a vaccine without additives for its soldiers.

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Thanks for posting this...I know that this true. Right now mandatory vac is based on state by state. I have read that Mass was trying to pass a bill and now PA....ok. I am in Florida and this state is overrun with illegals, tourists, you name it. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Florida keeps its wits about it and passes on mandatory....tis certainly scary....
By coharienation 5 years ago