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    ManKind Project SEXTRAORDINARY sweat lodge precautions

    Reid Baer

    by Reid Baer



    I don't know where to start -- perhaps with the suggestion to those who are researching, to consider the source of the above video. He claims that "Italians would rather eat their children than give up money"!? Not a voice of reason.
    I have been involved in several New Warrior Training Adventures (NWTA) -- because I believe they are GOOD! not perfect. I can find no source to back up this man's claim that a man died during a sweat run during an MKP event. 3rdly, I will relay that MKP has been given permission from leaders of the Lakota/Dakota Nation to use the ritual practice of a sweat in they way we do. AND that safety during those (and all of the trainings) is of utmost importance.
    Lastly, I don't know how much money Carl Greisser has made or from what source, but the money raised from NWTAs barely cover our expenses. I would be very happy to explain how I think MKP has helped me, and listen to anyone's concerns, questions or hopes regarding the work we do.
    By newwarriorsince055 years ago
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    By phoebeo845 years ago
    Reid Baer
    MKP has already paid out a large sum of money in a settlement from the death of Michael Scinto following an NWTA. Please don’t do their weekend. Don’t do the sweat lodge. Don’t risk your precious life.
    CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY ON Michael Scinto’s death:
    By Reid Baer6 years ago