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    Potato Champion

    Hungry Nation

    by Hungry Nation

    The Potato Champion makes one of THE BEST Poutine platters I've ever had! What's Poutine you might ask? It's a huge plate of Belgian frites, topped with cheddar cheese curds, and drenched in brown gravy! Delicious in that guilty "There go my arteries" sort of way. Not only did we feast on all of owner Mike McKinnon's tasty fries, but we had a Poutine eating contest between two girls, one dog, and me. Watch the video to see who won!You can learn more about The Potato Champion on their website, and be sure to follow them on twitter.T-Shirt GiveawayWe're giving away two Potato Champion t-shirts to the Cartivores answer this question in the comments: What is the best french fry topper?