Ja Rule - New York

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2 commentaires

krasses lied !
Par Ismail Milad il y a 4 ans
Just got the Waste Management Contract, We Killing All Rats, GEt rid of that Trash...U know Fucking Beef On Wax, First You Then Joe, What is it about, Toss two more quarters tell him to flip that and get his weight up, Never Heard of a Crack House, To I came to the South, Everybody Catholic in the Apple, No Residue, Just Whispers of Casper, Keep em Up all Night Like Red Bull, No Piss, and 48 hrs. tell the PO bitch test the piss, Miss me with the HISSSSSS, Last Tear shed, Tired of Explaining the Pain, With or Without the NEW ERA FITTED< LETTERMAN, I do MY Stand, Not a Stan, Original Blue Dot Man, Print RIght, yall just Dike, Not The Big Laguna, Bought to be the Big Tuna, All My Cats Eating, Let the Blood Mix with the Melt, SUbway By way of "BOBBY" Dinero the DON, Brought the Dinar back, WIped his back off and Said U know PAR, MONEY OVER THAT BITCH, CASINO was that SHIT, Whats on the MENU PAPA?
Par Rich Mundo il y a 5 ans