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    The Nostradamus Effect on HISTORY: Son of Nostradamus ...

    History Channel

    by History Channel

    NEW SERIES airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on HISTORY. In 1994 a secret manuscript hidden in the Vatican Library revealed a previously unknown apocalyptic prophesy credited to history's most notorious seer, Michel de Nostradamus. Where did this "Lost Book" come from and who was its author? The answers to these questions might help establish whether the horrible illustrations in the book point to mankind's violent end. Although the book's cover displays the name Michel Nostradamus, some believe the true author is his eldest son, Cesar. Was Cesar Nostradamus also a prophet? One who struggled with his own visions? Did he, like his father, operate in the shadow of a powerful and unforgiving Church? And was he, too, cursed with the ability to see mankind's doomed future in order to warn future generations? Visit the official HISTORY Facebook Fanpage at, Follow us on Twitter at