Moon Landing Hoax- Disney's Obvious Fake Dog Rock Wags

ArchAngel Michael
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Apollo 17- Disney's Obvious Fake Dog Rock Wags.
Astronaut Gene says "He's (Dog Rock) getting about ah, about three centimeters of Wag"
Astronaut Jack replies "If your asking, your over the top (in Revealing the Obvious Hoax)"

Astronaut Jack says "Man if there ever was a, I'm not gonna say it, but if there ever was something that looked like a Funeral Alteration, this is it."(Astronaut Jack referring to Disney's Fake Dog Shaped Rock, says that the obvious look of the Dog Shaped Rock, and Astronaut Gene's soon to come pre-scripted one-liners referring to Disney's Dog Rock, if not changed, will end up being the death of the Moon Landing Hoax Deception.)

This video as you hear & see it,
Apollo 17 Video Library
Journal Text: 145:27:50
Journal Text: 145:43:31
Journal Text: 145:36:24

Also 'Wag' video as you Hear & See it, From NASA's Public Domain Movie:
Apollo 17 : On the Shoulders of Giants (1973)


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