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Hosted by Chris Rose, of “Best Damn Sports Show Period” fame, “Million Dollar Challenge” began with Trapp facing off against former NBA star John Salley. In the first round, Daniel Negreanu sat by the contestant’s side and was not able to see their hole cards, but could give his thoughts on the action as he saw fit. In addition, Trapp could use one time out to consult with Negreanu in a soundproof isolation booth. In the match’s key hand, Trapp held Q-6 of spades and raised to 4,000 pre-flop. Salley re-raised to 7,000 with A-10 and Trapp used his time out. Negreanu told his protégé to push all-in and Trapp obliged. Salley made the call and the flop came 5-K-9 with one spade. However, running spades gave Trapp a flush and doubled him up.

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