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    Fundraiser Shortfalls * Conversations With Lucifer

    Gordon Vasquez

    by Gordon Vasquez



    Thinking of brilliant schemes to raise money is often times a challenge. Nowadays, people are focused on where to spend their money. They are too picky about the causes they want to help out to. They can’t just dish out money, especially with the recession that is happening. But besides all the turmoil with the economy, the public still loves to watch movies. In a way, it’s an escape from the stresses they have every day. Finances aren’t a huge factor when it comes to making movies. All you need is a good script, talented actors and a brilliant director. This is a great way to have a fundraising ( activity. You don’t have to worry about budget, let the people help you with that.
    By brianjones154 years ago
    Blaine Evans
    Silent auctions are a mixed bag when it comes to achieving results. It’s hard enough to actually get the attention of people these days, especially when they’re rather picky with the causes they intend to donate their money to. Of course, everybody loves watching films, and it’s great to actually know that even independent filmmakers are taking the fundraising route in order to get financing for their productions. I do hope that things work out for the better next time around and that your production gets to see the light of day. Perhaps it might be a good idea to, if ever you’re organizing another fundraiser, have some sort of interactive show, or even promote acting workshops for people who aspire to do the same thing you are.
    By Blaine Evans4 years ago