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    My Liposuction Surgery with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon


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    Vishal Kapoor

    by Vishal Kapoor

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    This documentary video on Orange County liposculpture surgery follows the experience of Kati. What's unique to Kati's story is she works for a top Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon and lipo specialist as a patient coordinator for Orange County Liposuction surgery, AKA Lipo, Liposculpture Liposuccion, informing people what is liposuction but had never had Orange County liposuction surgery or any other procedure performed.

    This video on Orange County liposuction follows her surgical experience from her consult, to her Liposuction Surgery, and finally concluding with her liposuction before and after. When you see her after liposuction photos you will be amazed. Seeing video of Liposuction after surgery is artwork at it's finest.