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    L' I.E.I., la confédération galactique et notre avenir

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    I.E.I.: Intervention Extraterrestre Identifiée

    France Aliens Résistance:

    Message d'Alliés de l'Humanité:
    Message de Dieu:

    Merci à Aliocha pour la traduction:
    "As numerous types of angelical or allied to humanity sources indicate, it seems obvious that to modify our behaviour towards animals, ecology and foreign people in need is the equivalent of the galactic confederation changing its behaviour towards us. As an extra-terrestial menace is emerging it becomes urgent for us to radically modify our behaviour in case we might need the help of highly evolved beings living in another part of our galaxy. What comes around goes around so let's not do to others what we wouldn't want others to do to us."