Miley Cyrus - Twitter Rap Video (Uncensored) Download Link

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Download this mp3 and Ringtone FREE at: Music Bebop is an Internationally Well-Known Blog where music lovers from all over the world come together to enjoy and get free user generated downloadable music for their personal use. Free Mp3 Downloads and Customazible ringtones all for your personal satisfaction! check it out now! Please Subscribe To My videos To Keep Awesome Videos Like This One Coming! Thanks For Watching! Miley Cyrus has deleted her twitter account. It had over 2 million followers! :( Please enjoy this parody/spoof of Miley's rap to her fans. Goodbye Twitter!!!


horrid almost looks lip sync'd, if you want your private life dont be a celebrity dumbass
By mikeromes 3 years ago
Miley, stop that right now girl! This is not you and you know it, it's that damn Prosac again. Why can't you just smoke a blunt like the other more normal kids????

By FunkingDave 3 years ago
``hooho Thank you for sharing it :)
By elizabethpgf 4 years ago
Nice u shuld live ur life in peace nice rap (:
By swagergotflow 4 years ago
hahhaahahahaahahahah gd thts cwl
By Eleanor Freeman 4 years ago