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    Actors Guide to survival : Trailer for my new doc


    by futureartists

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    "So you want to be an actor? Acting is an insane profession and every summer thousands of graduate students leave the cosy world of education, fame hunters quit their jobs, in an attempt to make a living as an actor."

    Acclaimed director/producer Mark Ashmore (Broken Britain, Your State of Emergency) follows actor Jody K, as he prepares for his one man comedy show at the biggest arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh festival.

    Follow Jody, half Iranian stand up comic and actor, as he prepares for the biggest run of shows in his career, 28 performances in 24 days. Jody only needs to survive the critics, get an audience, and make sure his stage tech and right hand man Rob is not drunk on the job.

    Running time 1.30 : more at