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    Puno Travel Guide - Sillustani Archeological Complex


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    On a narrow, windswept peninsula on the shores of Lake Umayo, lie the remains of Chullpas, huge, circular funerary towers.

    This is Sillustani, a short drive from the city of Puno on Lake Titicaca.

    The pre-Inca necropolis was built between 1200 and 1450. by the Kolla Culture.
    The ancient inhabitants, the Hatuncolla, interred their nobles, chieftains and high priests in the funerary towers.

    The tallest of the towers reaches a height of 12 meters, and features a bas relief carving of a lizard on one of its highest stones. The back of the tower has fallen away, revealing a mound of earth protected by an inverted cone of close fitting building blocks. Older structures have a simpler form, but the plateau provides stunning views of the high lakes and ridges of Perus southern highlands.

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