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    Cobus - Angels and Airwaves - Valkyrie Missile (DRUMS COVER)


    by deedlebag

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    This is a drum cover (from the TRI-cam Series) of Angels and Airwaves' insanely cool song, Valkyrie Missile. This is an edited version of the song, 3:52 long in stead of the original 6:39, it has no extended intro, as well as no second verse, second chorus and prelude to the bridge.

    This is technically not at all accurate, but that wasn't the intention of the 'cover'. This is not so much a drum cover as a my personal rendition of the song :) Thanks to AvA for this brilliant song, can't wait for the second album..!!

    And as for the smile when the song finally starts.. i just enjoyed it so damn much ;)

    Angels and Airwaves - Valkyrie Missile from the 2005 release We Don't Need To Whisper is the copyrigthed property of its owner. (shortened mix by Cobus Potgieter)

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