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    EUROLITE LSD-25 IP44 Flexible LED display panels

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    Flexible LED display panels
    ¨ Flexible display panels with tri-color RGB SMD LEDs for bright and colorful projection of videos and graphics
    ¨ Modular display conecpt allows the built-up of large areas,ideal for outdoor use with large viewing distances
    ¨ Bendable and foldable PVC material suitable for various shapes,e.g. columns,circles,angles
    ¨ Fast and uncomplicated installation,indoor and outdoor (IP 44)
    ¨ Truss suspension via belts
    ¨ No additional mounting material required
    ¨ Water-resistant and fire-retardant
    ¨ Low weight and small volume for convenient transport
    ¨ Easy maintenance - LEDs can be replaced without difficulty
    ¨ Controllable via optional network components and PC software
    ¨ All-in-one control system T9 (80503300): network interface and software LED Show T9 - ideal system for mobile use with notebooks with 1-gigabit NIC
    ¨ Control system LED studio: network int