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    Graz09 Sixties Weekender Movie - Part 2


    von moD_Boy

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    Graz09 Sixties / Mod / Psych / Garage Weekender hosted by Swinging Styria and Rip it Up Entertainment. The festival took place from May 28-31 2009 @ Postgarage, Graz/Austria.

    Found Footage created and directed by Mad Hatters Tea Party (Florian Topf / Georg Fasswald) 2009
    DVD with proper quality can be obtained by mailing to:

    The liquid light material was produced prior to the event by ourselves and recorded with a Hi8 digital camera.
    The video footage was projected live on a video-wall, overlayed and altered by the liquid light animation in real time.
    The idea behind the project was to synthesize the music and visual part of the event with the attending people.
    We created a surreal picture of the real situation at the venue which had a significant impact on the crowd, which can also be recognized in the movie.