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ALIEN BLUE STAR – FULFILLING ANCIENT PROPHECIES, with Miriam Delicado. Miriam Delicado, author of Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy is a middle-aged woman that has always had an array of abilities and sensitivities. She is able to heal, predict earthquakes, connect with crossed-over spirits and astral travel. She also has psychic ability and gets premonitions. Her first memory is of being a baby and feeling the frustration of not being able to communicate with others. Her life story encompasses much that is strange. She was first contacted by Aliens while a baby and was abducted for the first time at age four. These particular events were not in her consciousness until much later in her life. The trigger that brought these occurrences back into her consciousness was an Alien abduction experience while on a road trip in 1988. Her journey leads her to The Four Corners Area of the southwestern United States. Since that time there have been many other encounters with 'Tall Blond' Aliens. The relationship that developed between Miriam and the Aliens became one of Teacher-Student and finally culminated into that of Emissary. As a direct request from the 'Tall Blonds', and to fulfill the role of Emissary, she has written Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy. In this book Miriam recounts her experiences with the Aliens, her travels to the Alien 'Safe Lands', her meetings with Hopi elders and the connections with indigenous peoples prophecies. She also shares the Alien's history of Man's creation and their involvement with Earth and 'The End Times'. For more information on Miriam’s work please visit • • Produced by at the “Awake and Aware Conference” on Sept 19, 20, 2009 in Burbank, California • Content recorded by • Camelot-3404 • 64 min

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great gathering of all people as it was when the great beasts of the earth were arased from this rock,don't worry be happy,see you there;)Toronto Northern Ontario Canada
By tanglewoodtail 3 years ago