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    How Clean is "Clean Coal"?

    Medialink Worldwide

    by Medialink Worldwide

    New Technologies Help Make Coal More Environmentally Responsible According to a recent study, the U.S. has approximately 200 years of coal reserves and 50% of America's power already comes from coal. Industry experts say clean coal plants mean less reliance on foreign sources of energy and more jobs. But how clean is "clean coal"? Unlike the coal plants of the past that used combustion to burn coal, today's plants are using new technologies, like gasification, to transform coal into useful byproducts. Gasification is a chemical process that captures the CO2 in coal making it a more environmentally responsible form of power. In fact, the founders of Secure Energy are building a coal gasification plant in Decatur, IL that they say will be the cleanest coal plant in the world. Produced for Siemens