Terminator "Plagiarism" Story

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The studio that produced 'The Terminator' was threatened with a plagiarism lawsuit by renowned sci-fi author Harlan Ellison, and they soon agreed on a settlement. Here are the details of the incident.


UPDATE: The 'Demon with a Glass Hand' claim is now OFFICIALLY debunked.

Moreover, much more significant data has been discovered since I made this video, lots of it makes Ellison's claims very dubious. For more, see my 12-27-10 article at JamesCameron.Blogspot.com.
By JamesCameronBlogspot 4 years ago
Well, "Terminator" also has some elements in common with Ellison's other Outer Limits episode, "Demon With a Glass Hand". Just like "Avatar" is very, very reminiscent of the Outer Limits episode "The Chameleon" (Cameron must have really liked The Outer Limits), and Poul Anderson's story "Call Me Joe", and also Clifford Simak's story "Desertion" (not to mention "Dances With Wolves" or any number of "going native" stories).All in all, Cameron's never shown signs of having a single original idea. Guy sure knows how to film an action scene, though.
By Lemuel1960 4 years ago