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    8bit-ep2 FINAL

    vince baskerville

    by vince baskerville

    We have another amazing episode for you ladies and gentlemen. Originally we reviewed the Zune HD, and talked about the pros & cons about the Mac vs. PC, however they were just a tad bit too biased so I pulled them from the video.

    In this episode we formally introduce ourselves, and we discuss in some detail the pros & cons with a few of the HD TV’s out there. We’ve received many queries to help explain what the differences are between 720 & 1080; Whats the difference between Interlaced ‘i’, or Progressive ‘p’? And much more!

    Info freebies for you
    * LCD’s are cheap, energy efficient & look great!
    * If you’re tight on cash grab the 720p, instead of the 1080p
    * Most of your cable &/or satellite programs are still in Standard Definition, so why get the best of the best?!
    * There is a difference between the ‘p’ & ‘i’; don’t get the ‘i’ (interlaced)
    * If you have money to burn, go ahead and buy two OLED TV’s; you keep one & send us the other!