Some Ancient HBO Graphics and Previews - from 1977!!!

Ray Glasser
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Don't know how I missed re-uploading this when I built this channel....but here they are, some old, ancient, and rare HBO graphics and previews from late 1977!! Even has the old, old "PG" rating that peceded a movie, at the beginning!!!

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Interesting piece of history here! "Play It Again" was a characteristic of early HBO when they didn't have a large pool of films to draw from, so repeats were common. This comes from when HBO was just starting to turn a profit for the first time, and only about a little over a year after becoming the first satellite delivered cable TV channel in December 1975. I'd say these graphics all date back to about that far. But this clip is definitely from at least 1977 based on "Car Wash" showing on the network.
By Kris Starring 5 years ago