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    When news of a Welsh woman, falling heavily pregnant after being abducted by aliens, reaches the offices of cult TV show Weird World, star reporter Michelle Fox (Booth) and a small team go in search of the truth. Actually they’re more interested in keeping their show alive with some sexy re-enactments and more sensationalism than you could poke a perky nipple at. Along for the ride is hunky cameraman Ricky (Butler), whiny sound-man Jack (O’Connor), effeminate actor Bruce (Smithers) and soft-porn actress Candy (Shaw). Also getting in on the action is UFO geek Gavin (Honeybourne) who’s dream is to make first contact with an otherworldly visitor with his cock. But what they find on arrival is anything but the hoax story they thought they’d been sent to cover. There’s mental, weapon-wielding freaks and filthy depravity for a start, and that’s just the Welsh farmers!