Sweetheart Darling-Adrian Schubert Orchestra


by Lou



I have the Jack Berger version on my channel somewhere with Tom Holt, and for once - once is not a habit - Holt is as least as good as Feldkamp. This orchestration however is better and still I enjoyed this a lot.
By kspm0220s 6 years ago
Michael,this record was full of stress marks,that's why it's so noisy.Looks like Paul Whiteman sat on it for a month.
By Lou 6 years ago
Interesting find Lou, but Elmer's attempts at the accent didn't bring out the Irish in me.
By fatsfan71 6 years ago
Thanks,but I don't think it's one of Elmer's better songs and the other side "Love Song Of The Nile" is worse.Just got home from a high school football game.My team lost.I'm going to upload a beauty by Dick Robertson called"I May Be Dancing With Somebody Else".Then go to sleep,A Very Romantic song.
By Lou 6 years ago