Freedom River - Orson Welles


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Une histoire qui fait énormément de sens aujourd'hui.

Orson Welles narrates this story about a special river of freedom. There once was discovered a land where freedom flowed like a clear, fresh stream. Word about this land spread so that people from other lands came to live near this river. These people worked hard to create a great and prosperous nation. New ideas and inventions abounded. The soil produced great crops. Unfortunately, over time, these people became content and proud of their achievements. Their pride grew and turned to arrogance and greed. As their industry turned to exploitation, they could not see the river changing from sparkling red, white and blue to a murky, muddy mess. Wise men and children tried to point out what had happened but they were ignored. The river became even worse. Finally forced to open their eyes, the people became discouraged with the idea of freedom. Confusion and despair prevailed in the once lovely land. Certain voices warned that “the river was a nuisance,” “too much freedom caused disorder, ” and “the people were not ready for the River of Freedom.” “Maybe later the river could be restarted.” Other voices said that “if everyone worked together, the river could be made fresh again. ” “The life or death of the River of Freedom is in our hands. ”

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I'm very pleased to hear about one of the makers of Freedom River. Thanks for your work and for the little story behind the movie.
Par exprofesso Il y a 7 ans
Freedom River is getting more attention now than it did in 1971 when I wrote the screenplay. Here’s the genesis of the film:
For several years, Bosustow Productions, a small studio for which I wrote several films, had asked Orson Welles, then living in Paris, to narrate one of their films. He never responded.
When I finished the Freedom River script, we sent it to him together with a portable reel to reel tape recorder and a sizable check and crossed our fingers.
He was either desperate for money or (I would rather believe) something in it touched him because two weeks later we got the reel back with the narration word for word and we were on our way.
Joseph C. Cavella
Par OldWriter Il y a 7 ans
un peu cucul quand même, hein!
Par martin dupont Il y a 8 ans
très joli ça
Par martin dupont Il y a 8 ans