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    Big Brother | Charigo Part 47 | Channel 4


    by MegaChrisFan

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    Rodrigo is back in Charlie’s bed and is not a fan of the camera
    Charlies sticks Rodrigo’s finger in his ear
    It’s Big Brother: A Space Oddessey
    Rodrigo is a robot, Charlie is a spaceman (but looks more like a hot welder)
    David says Nanu bloody Nanu
    Rodrigo is momentarily distracted from his conversation with Siavash by the hot welder
    Housemates are boring
    Marcus ends up in the pool thanks to the Charigo tag team and the Space hopper
    Charlie gets Rodrigo to break a rule for the first time in his life
    Housemates run amuck in the runs
    David and Lisa are back – David is even louder than usual…If that’s at all possible for you to imagine.