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    G-Unit/Shadyville DJ Epps Kidnapped by Vickey Vendetta


    by LoyaltyEnterprise

    This is unreleased secret footage of G-Unit/Shadyville DJ Epps being Kidnapped by Vickey Vendetta. In this footage you can see Vickey Vendetta is disappointed in what he believes is the slacking on DJ Epps part involving the promotion of his recent mixtape release "V for Vendetta. Vickey Vendetta chooses to kidnap DJ Epps to make his point about the mixtape, but more importantly to convince Epps how serious he is about this Vendetta campaign, and how he needs DJ Epps to embark on the Vendetta with him. He explains that he has a message that must be voiced by DJ Epps. This goes beyond music, and is bigger tha "Pill Man", and will root itself deep into the corruption of the state and the world, unveiling information untapped by the people of all social classess. THIS IS A WORLD WIDE VENDETTA !!!! EXPECT ALL, EXPECT CONFUSION, EXPECT CHAOS. THINGS NEED TO BE SHOOK UP A BIT RIGHT NOW !!! Vickey Vendetta's Mixtape "V for Vendetta" (A Street Saga) is out now and available on VickeyVendetta.Com/PillManWorldWide.Com