PC Power and Cooling Pro-Source 1500 UPS

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Designed by PC Power & Cooling to be fully compatible with all PC Power and OCZ brand PSUs, the Pro-Source 1500 UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is your ultimate source of back-up power. The Pro-Source utilizes a pure sine wave, versus the conventional "step" sine wave employed by lesser quality UPS units. A pure sine wave is essential to a professional-grade back-up power source, while an inferior "step" sine wave plays havoc with today’s sophisticated and sensitive power factor correction (PFC) circuitry, making it possible for your PSU to reject the back-up power source and shut down. A professional UPS should output the same quality of power that your utility line delivers, and the Pro-Source 1500VA does just that, providing a clean, pure sine wave to effectively power your high-performance PSU during a utility failure. Truly protect your high performance, enthusiast, and mission-critical system with a PC Power & Cooling Pro-Source.