making of Le Terrier (partie 4)

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le Terrier, c'est un court-métrage réalisé par Manu Tillou et produit par Studio Kremlin. D'après une libre adaptation de Kafka, ça raconte l'histoire d'un marginal qui vit... dans un terrier.
Voici le making-of, agrémenté des délires de l'équipe.

very special thanks to :
all crew members of this movie and James Cameron, David Fincher, Michael Mann, Rita, Joseph, Expedit

filmed on location in the french Loire Valley Région Centre

copyleft Studio Kremlin in association with Studio Shrapnel

The persons and events in this motion picture are sometimes fictious.
Any similary to actual persons or events would be unintentional (hope so !)
This motion picture is not protected under french laws or any other country.
I personnaly don’t give a shit if you want to duplicate, ditribute, exibe it or share it
on eMule.
No animal was harmed in the making of this film (except in the kitchen, everydays)


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