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    Treasure Island (1990)


    by Kalamehed™

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    Treasure Island (1990) /VHS Rip Sample, klikka HQ for quality/
    Treasure Island is a 1990 movie adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous 1883 novel Treasure Island. It was filmed in 1989 on location in Cornwall, England, and in Jamaica, and also at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England. Jim Hawkins (Christian Bale) discovers a treasure map and embarks on a journey to find the treasure, but pirates led by Long John Silver (Charlton Heston) have plans to take the treasure for themselves by way of mutiny. It was an original production filmed and aired by the TNT network, and directed by Fraser Clarke Heston (Charlton Hestons son); it was released theatrically in the UK.
    Directed by Fraser Clarke Heston
    Written by Robert Louis Stevenson (novel)
    Starring Charlton Heston, Christian Bale, Oliver Reed, Christopher Lee, Julian Glover, Pete Postlethwaite, Clive Wood
    Music by Paddy Moloney, The Chieftains
    Country UK / USA
    Language English