Nato Bombed My Family - Screening 26th February


by Renderyard

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Conclusion. Thank you to those who have followed my posts, I hope if anything that you accept my opinion as I might be wrong, Im just someone who knows both sides of the story in this matter, being their when it happened and seeing what rubbish is plastered on the news to fund the war. We all just need to educate ourselves before accepting one opinion and what is served up on a plate from the government. We are becoming to scared to stand up for our rights, we need to challenge our governments otherwise they will continue to step on us like bugs.
Information is all around us, dont fry your brain by watching cr@p, learn a different language, eat different food, go to other countries and live happy knowing that you want to be treated the same as you treat others, with respect.
Peace to you all.
For Interest, google "I want you to get MAD!!" Powerful...
Thank you to Dana Jurcic, we must educate to prevent failure in the future recurring.
By VK 5 years ago
WAR = Relentless culling of humanity. It is proven that we are slowly eating ourselves to starvation and instead of investing in new and better agricultural/ecological designs that are proven to sustain the environment and the population of humans, the Elite chose to bring terror and despair on us all. We the people do not need to fight no longer, we have evolved and want to live peacefully together. Culture is beautiful, we need to be different, to experience each others lifestyle so that we can learn from one another, instead of killing ourselves to protect our own. We ALL bleed the same blood, we all preach the same moral and ethics I DONT CARE WHAT RELIGION YOU ARE, THEY ARE ALL PRAYING TO A GOD SO GET OVER IT!!... Open your eyes and see that what I say is true. We do not need war, it just raises taxes, makes life expensive, kills and divides us. We need to push for better methods of sustaining ourselves and nature, to share resources and to live economically united. Cont...
By VK 5 years ago
The Serbs were said to do all types of horrible war crimes and WHAT, the other side wasnt, such monstrous things like cutting off heads of generals and parading them around like trophies! Or when NATO missed the DZ point for the bombing run and killed hundreds of innocents and was said to be Kosovar Albanians but were actually Serb town folk, the Serbs got blamed for that too... Another thing, Kosovo, for all you who dont know, Serbia was FOUNDED IN KOSOVO, is was the first Settlement of the Serbs in the region, so how could it be Albanian land?! Maybe long ago in the Ottoman Empire, but borders change! Its like going away and finding the post man squatting in your home upon your return and instead of help from government, the laws are against you and the postman is the protected one, WTF!!... (Sorry posties, just an example to prove a point). The point is, WAR = MONEY! Europe is on its way to becoming a 100% EU, one currency and soon one religion as this is what the Elite plan. CONT.
By VK 5 years ago
And so by knowing that the Croats known as the Ustasa (U-sta-sha, nationalistic Croatians) would side with Germany and the Serbs the Cetnik (Chetnik, also nationalistic) would side with Russia, America's "old-friend" and so splitting the two main powers to cause chaos. For the record, not all were Ustase or Cetnik, some chose to move forward together how it should be, to understand the faults and overcome differences. BUT, for those who know anything about gaining power, you must first >DIVIDE AND CONQUER< if you are not strong enough to win the war on your own. So didnt we see this in 1991? Once the division was successful, full implantation of war was thrown in, media propaganda etc. The Serbs were the bad guys and the others were the innocent. I do NOT believe in war and have MANY Croatian and Serb friends and we all discuss the differences as the new generation should not follow their fathers mistakes by carrying the hatred from one gen to the next, and we get along fine. CONT.
By VK 5 years ago
Seriously, if YOU do not know what had actually happened in good old Yugoslavia then STFU!!... For too long media has been taking one side and not speaking the TRUTH!! For all you ignorant Media believers, the country was filled with blood lust, war hungry psycho's and that it was all due to Religious differences, ethnic cleansing bla bla bla, if it was, then all of the Muslims would have been pushed out or not allowed to stay in the country LONG AGO, but you wouldn't know of the Ottoman Empire and the slavery in the land so no reason to dabble on the past. The truth is, the country was doing too well, old allies remain allies and so Germany and Croatia remain and so did the Russian and Serbs, so spelling out division for the united country was a way to make $$$!! America with the multitude of problems believe they can rape the world of war and plunder for their wealth and so instead of fixing its own problems, it creates problems for others. War makes BILLIONS of dollars a year, CONT
By VK 5 years ago
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