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What is this guy thinking? This is not a dating site. This site isn't even all that well known. He may as well had made this video on Youtube. He may even get more advertisement there and might even get some attention. Albeit not the desired attention he would like. Why even do this here? This is not a dating site. He could have gone to the land of milk and honey for this sort of thing. He didn't need to show his face for it. Why did he even bother to show himself here with braces on? He should have waited for them to come off. It would have increased his chances only slightly. But really not by much. Sorry, but it is hard out there to find a nursing partner. This video doesn't seem all that well thought out. You really should put more thought into this. But, really, the land of milk and honey can probably help. Good luck, you're ganna need it.
By George Ribeiro 3rd 4 years ago
sorry im not in socal ;)
By Sarah 5 years ago
hey ;)
By Tracey101 5 years ago
get in line bud
By boobsboobssuck 5 years ago
By kungfucow_787 6 years ago
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