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    Avery Dennison Helps Consumers Take Control of Their Lives

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    Educational Program Provides Tips and Tools to Get Organized - and a Chance to Win a $5,000 Dream Organization Makeover Brea, Calif. - Sept 15, 2009 - Want your boss to think you're really on top of things - or just want to feel more in control of your work and home in these tough economic times? Start by organizing your desk! According to a recent survey1 by Greenfield Online, Inc. and Avery Dennison Office Products Company, 85 percent of respondents believed a clean desk says that someone is on top of things. The survey also showed that nearly 80 percent of people who describe themselves as disorganized want more organization in their lives to help take control in the challenging economy. To give consumers a hand in getting better control of their lives and tackle the myriad challenges faced during the recession, Avery Dennison has launched the "Do-It-Yourself Organization" (DIY) campaign, featuring tips and tools to harness the power of organization in our work and home lives. Highlighted by a chance to win a $5,000 dream organization makeover, the DIY Organization campaign provides advice and tips for organizing at home and the office from organizational expert Jodie Watson. Consumers also can learn about their organization personality with the "What's Your Label" organizational quiz on Avery's DIY Organization campaign hub ( "Being organized is a big challenge for many people, and that can affect productivity, increase stress and drain self-confidence," said Watson, president and founder of Supreme Organization and an organizational expert on TLC's Real Simple. Real Life. "The Avery DIY Organization campaign teaches people about the power of organization to impact our work and home lives and the simple steps anyone can take to gain more control and peace of mind." Fun Facts: What Else Do Consumers Say About Organization? The Avery Dennison/Greenfield survey results show that: * Organization is a female mandate, but a male maybe - Nearly 70 percent of women ...