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    Isham Jones & His Orchestra - You're Just A Dream Come True


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    At 20 Isham Jones (1894-1956) formed his own band and played for dances in Michigan towns. In 1923, he took his band to London where he played at the Kit-Cat Club . Prior to that tour, he had played at the Lincoln, McAlpin and Commodore hotels in NYC. In 1927, Benny Goodman joined Jones' band, then playing at the Million Dollar Rainbow Gardens in Chicago. The recording of Carmichael's "Star Dust" in 1931 helped establish the song. Also, during that year, Jones composed "You're Just a Dream Come True", becoming the theme song for the band. Jones wrote more than 200 songs, of which 40 or more became hits! One of the last bands led by Jones in 1936 was known as the Isham Jones Juniors. They recorded for Decca and later became the first band led by Woody Herman. Later in his life Jones concentrated on songwriting. This lovely record was made in 1930. The vocal is by Frank Sylvano.