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    Lock N' Load with R. Lee Ermey on HISTORY: Blades 10/2

    History Channel

    by History Channel

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    Airs Friday Oct. 2nd at 10pm/9c on HISTORY. Gunny explores the history of the weapons that ruled the world for thousands of years before guns came. Featured weapons include: English Long Bow vs. Medieval Crossbow--Gunny tests out the armor piercing power of these legendary weapons; the Roman Pilum--Gunny tests out the Roman throwing spear that helped create an empire, and explores its surprising and revolutionary design; the Lance--Gunny trains on the cavalry spear that roamed the battlefields from Medieval times all the way to WWI; and Gunny gives us a detailed exploration of the tech and design behind swords from ancient Bronze to the Japanese Samurai sword to today's modern day bayonet, still being used by military around the world.