Mi$$Y$ MAN0R Randy Savage


by rland1987

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taped 4-23-87 in Worcester, MA (never aired on TV)


I love Missy's shallow, catty airhead character, but I agree that this wasn't her at her best. Her WCW segments were better. It didn't help that Elizabeth Hulette's character, pretty and all, was a blank slate. If Missy'd had an equally assertive female character to play off (e.g., Dark Journey, Sunshine or Sherri Martel), then it might've been funnier.

That said, I've seen far, far worse in WWE (for example, last week's "Slammy Awards" Raw special, and almost every post-2002 comic segment).
By S. 5 years ago
With the Snake Pit around, they surely didn't need this anyways.
By Stinger1981 6 years ago
Yep, that's correct. This was a dark segment. It never aired on TV. Everyone should be thankful for that
By Randy Ragsdale 6 years ago
There were 9 segments she did in her run there. This was the best of the bunch by a mile, several of the others were horrible
By rland1987 6 years ago
I've seen worst make things make the air. I personally don't think this segment was as bad as I heard it was.
By julian5289 6 years ago
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