The Wake of Time- Science Fiction Author Robert P. Fitton

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Can we go through time or is it more logical to go around time, popping in and out like raindrops into the lake.

When I was a boy I thought about time travel and how you go back in time perhaps go through time. Like you go through gelatin or under water. But a more mature look about how you go back in time would be skipping over the surface .. maybe going back through time in a different way across time.. around time and circumventing time..

Is going across time like going over the surface of this lake or is it one static piece?

Instead of being fluid- time is merely an illusion.

If we live in three dimensions are we as insignificant to the upper dimensions as shadows are to us in three dimensions?

Its compelling, almost mesmerizing to look across the wake and get lost in thought.

Ive said time is like a river but I wonder if we are just the movers.