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8 years ago108 views – the best Wind Power site on the planet knows your questions when it comes to purchasing a wind turbine system for your land to generate some extra cash for you from freely available wind. Your questions are: How do wind turbines work? Will I have to change the wiring of my house? Will I save money? Will I make money? What about towers? How much does a wind turbine cost? What size wind turbine would I need? How reliable are wind turbines? How reliable are wind turbines? Will it help the environment? Do I have to take wind measurements for a year or more? What are the companies who sellwind turbines? Will my utility allow me to connect a wind power system? Will I have problems obtaining planning permissions? 1.) Perform a rough wind assessment for your location by going to and enter your site location details. Note! Average yearly wind speed for your area must be 7-10m/s. 2.) Contact your town-ship planning office and find out the max. tower/hub height and max. rotor diameter for a wind turbine allowed in your area. Now you know how much wind is available at your location and you also know the max. rotor diameter and hub height allowed for your wind turbine. Now you can estimate the amount of electricity likely to be generated by a given wind turbine over the course of a year. How do I get this estimate? 3.) Use the Annual Electricity Output Calculator at to calculate the expected yearly kWh output ….make a note and….. 4.) Calculate the average yearly electricity kWh consumption of your home or business. 5.) Subtract your average yearly kWh consumption from the estimated kWh generated. Is the result at least 45,000 kWh? If the answer is yes, then your site has the potential to generate extra income for you by harnessing the wind. 6.) Next step is to contact your local utility provider and ensure that ‘a net metering’ - ‘Buy Back Scheme’ is available. 7.) If yes, ask for the ...