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    Big Brother | Charigo Part 18 | Channel 4


    by MegaChrisFan

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    Day 53 - 54

    Charlie and Rodrigo in the background
    Charigo jump in to the pool and splash Bea
    Marcus and Halfwit are talking about Sophie being upset that Rodrigo goes and sleeps with Charlie
    Rodrigo and Marcus are talking about Charlie showing him bum on TV and pulling Rod's shorts down
    Charigo in the background
    Charlie tells Noirin that Rodrigo has a short attention span
    Charlie scares Rodrigo
    Rodrigo and Charlie interrogate Noirin and Siavash about how they came to fancy each other.
    Charigo joke about what would happen if Siavashes ex came in the house
    Noirin tries to get Rodrigo to kiss Charlie but Rodrigo is worried about him loved ones
    Charigo kiss
    Charigo say they are just friends
    Charigo play fight
    Charigo say they only kiss their hands under the duvet
    Charlie get's called in to the diary room
    Noirin and Siavash turn the tables on Rodrigo
    Rodrigo get's called into the diary room